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Five Study Tips for Final Exams

博客 | 05.01.2024

From welcoming a record number of students this year to making numerous memories on campus, including 首页coming, the Light Your Way Christmas Parade and experiencing the Solar Eclipse, it’s been quite a year at The Woods. The semester may be coming to a close, but don’t forget the most important part…final exams! Check out some study tips to help you prep before you pack up for the summer!

1. Find your groove
Everyone has their niche regarding study methods, but if you struggle with your usual study habits, try a different approach. Whether you prefer rewriting notes, creating acronyms or using visual items like flashcards, there are numerous study techniques to try.

2. Study in shifts
Perhaps you work well under pressure, but don’t wait until the last minute to cram all your studying in for finals. Setting up a schedule to designate times or days to a certain course or exam you have coming up with only help you in the end.

3. Stay active
Studying inside for hours can be draining. Be sure to go for a short walk outside and hit Club ’64 for all your gym needs. Maintaining a healthy diet will help you be productive in your study sessions.

4. Study with a pal
Studying with a peer can hold you accountable, keep you motivated and expose you to different ideas and thoughts on a course topic. From comparing course notes to sharing different study tips, the buddy system might be the perfect fit for you. Places on campus like The 1840, the Woods Café and the Learning Resource Center serve as excellent places to study with a friend or a group.

5. Take a break!
Hitting the books is essential, but taking time for yourself is also vital. Study breaks are needed, especially when preparing for final exams. Grabbing coffee with a friend or just relaxing for a short time may be just what you need to ace that final!


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